Design Guide

Before construction begins consider proper structural support. Heavy glass enclosures with 3/8" and ½" glass may require behind the wall stud support. By involving EASCO early in the design phase we can build the safest possible enclosure. EASCO will evaluate tub and shower layouts to advise what is the best configuration for the customer. Considering limitations, options, and design of an EASCO shower door beforehand may prove critical before the construction of your shower area has begun. It is helpful to submit design requests and questions into an EASCO dealer at the beginning of the process.

All tile and marble should be installed using a consistent bed of mastic. Any voids can cause cracking of tile.

All knee walls, buttresses, thresholds and sills should be level and plumb. A slight 1/8" pitch into the shower will help prevent leakage.

Consider objects such as toilets, pedestal sinks and vanities when determining door swing.

Body sprays and multiple headed showers can cause leakage problems. Consider placement of door openings and hinges. Every effort will be made to provide as water tight of enclosure as possible. Some seepage should be expected and considered normal


Provide a series of framed and frameless tub and shower enclosures as needed for a complete and proper installation. Furnish, fabricate and install all items necessary for an EASCO Frameless Enclosure:

  1. Glass door with all associated hardware.
  2. All additional tempered glass panels.
  3. All tracks, vinyl seals, and mounting hardware for a complete and proper installation.


  1. Expressions & Image Series: All tempered glass shall be 1/4" thick with diamond bevel polished edgework on swing doors and bi-pass sliders and 1/4" thick with seamed edges on fixed panel(s).
  2. Image Plus Series: All tempered glass shall be 3/8" thick with diamond bevel polished edgework on bypass sliders and 1/4" thick with seamed edges on fixed glass panel(s). Estate and Elite Series: All tempered glass shall be 3/8" or ½" thick with diamond beveled polished edgework on swing doors and fixed panel(s) with exposed edges.
  3. This product complies with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Standard for Architectural Glazing Materials. No. 16, CFR I & II and Ansi Z.97.1-1984
  4. A
  5. ll hinges, door hardware and glass support clips on: Heavy glass series shall be constructed of solid brass (Estate & Elite series). All hardware supplied with bushings, gaskets, washers and stainless or brass screws necessary to complete installation.
  6. All aluminum components are 6463 T-5 aluminum alloy with a minimum thickness of .062; buffed and bright dipped anodized or epoxy powder coated.
  7. Handles, towel bars, pulls and knobs shall be solid brass or anodized aluminum to coordinate with frame or hinge finish.
  8. All extruded vinyl shall provide a waterproof and/or a steam tight seal and shall be applied to exposed edges where appropriate.


  1. ALL EASCO Frameless Enclosures shall be installed in a true workman- like manner. All surfaces must be clean and the use of clear silicone is recommended to insure a waterproof seal at channel extrusions.
  2. Installer shall be responsible for final adjustments and cleaning all glass and metal surfaces following the installation.
  3. Three Year Limited Warranty: Ask your dealer for details.

EASCO will make every attempt to provide as watertight an enclosure as possible. Due to the nature of all heavy 3/8" and ½" glass enclosures, some seepage is possible depending on water spray conditions inside the shower. Body sprays and hand held shower attachments are directly related to potential seepage problems.